LK Bennett ‘Nina’ blue china print peep toes

blue floral print peep toes

LK Bennett ‘Nina’, £195

I may not have loved the last pair of LK Bennett shoes I showed you, but I have absolutely no such reservations about these ones: in fact, I’d wear this print, in these exact colours, on absolutely everything if I could – dresses, skirts, tops, trousers… I like it THAT much.

The good news for me is that this kind of ‘china’ print has been popping up everywhere recently, and on pretty much all of the items I just named. The bad news is that this particular application of it costs £195, which puts these shoes into “Look, but don’t even THINK about touching,” territory for me.

The pretty, floral print, and fresh, blue-on-white colourway, makes me think these would be wonderful “wedding guest” shoes, but, somewhat unusually for this style of shoe, these are made from a gloss patent leather, rather than the more usual canvas which you tend to find floral prints attached to, so they’ll be less likely to pick up any damage or stains, making them easy enough to work into less formal outfits, too.

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