Miu Miu t-bar glitter sandals

If you’re anything like me, you probably had to stifle a bit of a yawn at the sight of the words “glitter” and “Miu Miu” in the same sentence. Glitter has become somewhat synonymous with the brand, but just as I think they must have run-out of variations on the theme, they manage to come up with something that instantly re-awakens my interest, and today that “something” is these t-bar sandals.

These have a beautiful shape, which reminds me a little of an old-fashioned dance shoe – an association which makes the glittery uppers even more appropriate, although I think I’d probably love these regardless of what the brand decided to use on the upper.

If you love them too, they’re $640 and you can click here to order a pair from Barneys.


  • I think these are gorgeous (I love t-bar shoes in general), but I’m a bit put off by how much toe would be on show in them. Otherwise I would love them unreservedly!

  • I’m of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much sparkling on a well made shoe, glitter and sequins. This is why my basic ballet flats covered in silver sequins have maybe six months left in them- a whole bunch of the sequins have fallen off and the fabric is wearing thin. But they are adorable and super comfortable and match almost everything so they have become my ultimate back up shoe to slip on when my shoes have had enough of my heels. They have been used to tipsily trek back home after many a party.

    And the shape of these are fabulous so I’m digging them. I like t-strap and the open toe is sexy which keeps the shiny from being too four year old girl with a glitter gun.

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