Lanvin plexi and leather ankle strap wedges

The perfect shoes for those of you who love the look of stilettos, but have trouble balancing in them! Well, OK, maybe not quite “perfect” – I know I for one could happily live without that chunky ankle strap, but these will at least be a little easier to walk in that their stiletto sisters.

Now, I know many of you have a strong aversion to clear plastic on shoes (and I’m with you on that), but this is done so subtly I didn’t even notice the plexi insert at first, and wondered why these were being described as “wedges”.

It’s a little more visible from the back, but of course, anyone who’s taken the time to look closely at your shoes will already have realised that the “stiletto” couldn’t possibly be holding you up on its own!

These are £765 – click here to buy them.


  • For this much money I expect to get shoes that are properly made and don’t show traces of glue where the platform is attached to the sole. The manufacture of the heel also looks very cheap to me.
    I like the general idea, though.

  • The visible screws under the heel anf the structure too architectural of the sole/wedge remind me a window of a postmodern building ç_ç


  • The perspex is the least of my issues with this shoe. I just think they’re ugly. The big pad on the ankle straps reminds me of luggage shoulder straps, and there’s something about the whole look that makes this shoe unappealing to me.

    Otherwise, I’m kind of intrigued by the idea of a perspex wedge, with a border in the back to create the look of a stiletto. I just think it could be a lot more beautiful than this. Shrug.

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