Celebrity Shoes: Mylene Klass wears New Look shoes on the red carpet

It’s not often you see a celebrity wear shoes that are actually accessible to the rest of us – or not on the red carpet, anyway – so I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across this adorable photo of UK presenter Mylene Klass and her little girl, with Mylene wearing a pair of bright red platforms from none other than New Look.

Regular readers will no doubt recognise these, as they’re the red Mary Jane version of the bow platforms New Look released in several colours last year. I have them in black and pink, and I know a fair few of my readers have these in various colours too, so the good news for those of you who love this style – or just red shoes in general – is that they’ve been reduced to … wait for it… just £12.00 in the New Look sale. And they have them in black and cream, too.

I really love the way Mylene has paired these with grey tights (grey and red is one of my favourite colour combinations, and looks great here) and a polka dot dress, with the red of the shoes picked up with her red nail polish and lips.

Want a pair? Click here to get ’em! (And while you’re there, check out the rest of the sale: there are some major bargains to be had, trust me!)


  • 12 pounds?? that’s it??? :S oh wow that’s a great price for a shoe like this!!
    I’m not familiar with this presenter but her daughter looks so adorable!!

  • Wow, I have totally overlooked New Looks online sale and shoe selection. They do have some really quite pretty shoes to be had. Bows, man I love bows right now!

  • I’m full of joy when star-system people choose affordable pieces for important events! She looks great in this outfit!!

    lovely shoes, delicious indeed…wait i’ve got just some coins in my pre-payed card…hehehe New Look i’m arriving.. ;D


  • I really like these shoes, but if I remember correctly, you had to buy this style a size bigger than usually? If so, too bad because they only go up to size 8…

    • I did have to go up a size (mine are actually slightly different in that they don’t have the ankle strap, but the rest of the shoe is the same), but weirdly, I wore the black pair this weekend for the first time in a couple of months, and they felt too big, so I had to wear insoles with them: the sizing is just plain weird!

  • Yeah, you do need to size up…I wish I had remembered that when I bought a pair!
    A pal of mine got these for £3 last week because the shop assistant said they were 2 different sizes…obviously someone made a mistake because they’re both a size 6 and in perfect condition!

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