Matalan pointed ballet flats

Matalan pointed ballet flats

Matalan pointed ballet flats, £10

Like many of you, I consider a simple pair of flats to be a shoe wardrobe essential. For me, there are only two conditions the perfect pair of flats must fulfil:

1. They must have a pointed toe

2. They must come in one of four of my favourite colours: red, gold, nude or animal print.

Oh yeah, and I’m willing to compromise on point 1 if necessary.

You’d think this would make these perfect flats easy enough to find, wouldn’t you? You would be wrong, though: I seem to spend my shoe-buying life on an endless quest for the right pair, and when I do find them, I’ll sometimes buy them in more than one colour, just so I have them “in stock” for a little while at least.

When I spotted these ones at Matalan, then, they went right onto my shopping list. They have a pointed toe, they come in all of the four colours I’m looking for (I spotted the red patent version right after I finsihed putting together the image!) , and they’re only £10 per pair. What’s that, you say? You’d rather have real leather? Well, they don’t come in the same range of colours, but Matalan also stock leather flats in both black and pink, for just £14. I think I feel a shopping trip coming on…

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  • There is a very strong possibility that both the nude and the leopard print versions of these will be winging thier way to me very soon….

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