SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Trance’ satin bow pumps

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker 'Trance' satin bow pumps SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker 'Trance' satin bow pumps

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Trance’ satin bow pumps, £279

The SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker shoe line is exclusive to Neiman Marcus, and it’s… well, its pretty much everything you’d expect from the woman who brought shoe-obsessed Carrie Bradshaw to life, really. I mean, can’t you just see Carrie in these pink satin pumps? There’s something very ‘Manolo Blahnik’ about the long toe box, while the bow on the heel is totally ‘Carrie’.

I’ve actually never really been a huge fan of the Manolo-style d’orsay – the toe is too long for my taste, and I always think a very long toe can look quite dated, but I DO (of course) love the little bow, and the colour is also very cute. (They also come in navy, but I think Carrie Bradshaw would rock the pink version, don’t you?) Speaking of Manolo Blahnik, these flats definitely call to mind the ‘Hangisi’ flats – the heeled version of which were made famous by SJP herself, in Sex and the City:

pink satin flats

They’re not identical, of course (and I don’t think Manolo can claim to have invented the concept of jewel-toed satin pumps!), but the similarity is definitely there. At £279, though, these aren’t exactly what most of us would call a “budget” option: ouch!

Also at Neiman Marcus this week are these fabulous black Miu Miu pumps:

Miu Miu black pointed pumps

These also have a jewelled toe, although this one sits on top of a see-through section, which creates a totally different feel to the shoes above. There’s also a tiny little bow, and a high stiletto heel: somehow the overall effect makes the shoe look like it’s all dressed up in a bow tie and tuxedo – or is that just me? Dinner jacket aside, this is a really nice take on the classic black pump – simple, but very effective – exactly the way I like them!


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