Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: H&M green faux-suede ankle boots

H&M green faux suede ankle boots

This is a very quick edition of SSWSW (catchy, huh?), because my local branch of H&M doesn’t carry a huge selection of footwear. They did have these green ankle boots in stock when I popped in earlier this week, though, and it was a case of love at first sight for me: well, you DID see that  they’re green, didn’t you?

These are only £24.99, which is a sure sign that they’re 100% man-made materials, which I know will put some of you off. If it doesn’t, though, you’ll find a nice curvy shape, and an eye-catching colour, which will help cheer your way through the winter season. One word of warning, however: the sizing on these is HUGE. I took my usual size 4 into the changing room, but they were so large I couldn’t have walked in them. I was actually a little worried the size 3 wouldn’t fit either (the 4 felt more than just one size too big on me), but I grabbed a pair when I went out, and although they were a little bigger than I’d like, I think they’d be fine, especially considering that I’d be wearing them with thick tights or socks.

I couldn’t find this particular shade on the H&M website, but did find them in black, grey and burgundy: three shades which weren’t available in store! Sometimes I think visiting a different branch of H&M can be like visiting a completely different store…

H&M ankle boots

(P.S. No, I didn’t buy them. If they still have them next month, though, I just might…)


  • Oh, those are gorgeous. I would not have been able to resist (even though I’m sure they’d be fraying by March and would stink after a few outings) I just can’t wedge my feet into H&M shoes. Or, I couldn’t the last time I tried. I worked at H&M ten years ago and tried on every pair of shoes that came through the store back then.

  • I would just love to have an H&M nearby, but my wallet or my hubby would not want one anywhere close! I like the grey ones but kind of prefer a boot that goes much higher.

  • I’m liking these. Normally get really sad as autumn collections start popping up, but I’m getting weirdly excited by boots this year!

  • I was very tempted by the burgundy boots in my local H&M, but the sunny weather held me back. Just as well, because I’ve been spending my shoe budget on a couple of other pairs anyway. 🙂

  • I bought the burgandy ones in Westfield, Stratford. They’re gorgeous and they’re surprisingly comfortable to walk in. Love!

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