Charlotte Olympia ‘Cat Face’ velvet pumps

Hmmm. The issue of Footwear With Faces continues to be a controversial topic here at, and, once again, I have a feeling that these Charlotte Olympia ‘Cat Face’ pumps may divide opinion, in the same way as Marc Jacobs’ famous mouse flats, and the various other face-bearing footwear I’ve shown you.

These shoes are actually rather more subtle than the name “Cat Face” may suggest, and while they do, indeed, have a cat’s face right on the front of them, the fact  that it’s attached to a simple black pump goes a long way towards making these less gimmicky than might otherwise have been the case.

Do you like them, though? Well, there’s no denying that they’re playful, whimsical, and all of those other words that tend to be attached to shoes that come in the shape of cats, or mice, or other cutesy animals. Personally, I prefer my shoes NOT to be staring up at me every time I wear them, but that’s just me, and while I wouldn’t buy these (probably not even if they weren’t $795), I don’t actively dislike them, either.

What do you think?

(Click here to buy them at Neiman Marcus)


  • If I had to choose a pair of animal-face shoes to wear, these would be it. I really like the shape of the shoe, and the face is relatively subtle. Y’know, as subtle as these things get.

    I still think it’s a pity they messed up a perfectly lovely black pump with an animal face, though.

  • No, I didn’t like them at all – and for me, Charlotte Olympia without the signature platform… is strange. The style is nice, black court shoes, and of course one day we won’t wear platforms that much anymore… but I didn’t like these shoes now.

  • I actually love shoes with animal faces, and I’m a big fan of Marc Jacobs’ mouse flats. So I like the idea of these (maybe not for that price, though!) but I’d like to get a better look at the cat face, as I’m not sure how cute it is!

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