Matalan jewel front point-toe pumps

Matalan jewel front point-toe pumps

It’s been a long time since I last popped into Matalan, but I may have to schedule in a visit soon, because I’m really liking what I’ve seen of their Christmas shoe collection so far. These point-toe court shoes remind me a little bit of the infamous Zara asymmetric pumps, but with a generous helping of crystals on the toe, which makes them look a little bit like they’ve been doused in frost – the magical type you see in movies, though: not the nasty real-life stuff which would render shoes like these completely unwearable.

I suspect the toe may be verging on OTT for many tastes, but at £14, these are an inexpensive party shoe, which have a very Christmassy feel about them. And with all of that said, I now have to give you that bad news: they’re not currently available online. Ah, well, all the more reason to go shopping, I guess!

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  • I can handle these in black, but not in white, I don’t think. The black with the crystal could work for just the right party- and, they are a bargain, so…

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