Giuseppe Zanotti leather and satin bow sandals

Well, these are just as sweet as sugar, aren’t they? Or, at least, they would be, if it wasn’t for that spike heel, giving them a bit of an edge.

Now, it’s no secret that I like bows on shoe, and because of that, a lot of people tend to assume that I must like ALL bows on shoes, and all shoes with bows on them. All bows are not created equally, though. Some are better than others, and these ones? These ones are better than most:

It’s just something about the shape. I always think that the thing that distinguishes a really good shoe maker from one who’s just average is that indefinable ability to make something that’s really quite ordinary look absolutely extraordinary. Christian Louboutin is a great example of this, with his ability to give a simple pump (or even a Simple Pump. Louboutin-lovers will get it…) the wow factor, and I think Giuseppe Zanotti has managed to do it too, with these little sandals.

All of which was a very long winded way of saying: I like these. Can I borrow $417 from one of you?

(Click here to buy them.)


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