Silver Tassel Pumps by Alexander Wang and Topshop

Silver shoes by Alexander Wang and Topshop

These are the types of Shoe Deja Vu I like the most: the ones where the two pairs of shoes aren’t identical, but are just similar enough that you can see where the inspiration came from.

Looked at point by point, Topshop’s ‘Planet’ (on the left of the image) and Alexander Wang’s ‘Anais’ are completely different: the Topshop shoes have a platform, the Wang shoes have none; the Topshop shoes have a chunky heel, the Wangs a slim one; the Topshop shoes have a pointed toe and stitching around the vamp, the Wangs have a squared-off toe and no stitching; the high street shoes have flat tassels, the designer shoes have round ones; finally, the Alexander Wang shoe has that huge, exaggerated tongue, while the Topshop version is much smaller. In other words, they’re totally different but for the colour, and yet, as soon as I looked at the ‘Planet’ shoes, I was instantly reminded of ‘Anais’, and when you see them side-by-side, they’re certainly similar.

This is the best kind of “designer” inspiration, as far as I’m concerned, in that it’s ACTUAL “Inspiration”, as opposed to blatant copying. That doesn’t mean I’d buy them – neither of these are my style, although if I had to pick, I actually think I’d prefer the Topshop shoes – but if you’re a fan of the ‘Anais’ shoes, but don’t want to spend $650 on them, Topshop’s £95 version could be just what you’re looking for!

Which do you prefer?

P.S. Just after I finished this post, I came across this version, from ASOS, which share the outsized tongue of the designer shoes, but which use a totally different design other than that: another good way to get the same kind of look on a much smaller budget.

Silver shoes with oversized tongue


  • Honestly, I LOVE them but I can’t think where or how I could justify wearing them. I think they fall into the Schuh Prince Glitter Boots trap. They just aren’t wearable by mere mortals. You need a second job as an exotic dancer

    • Hahaha, so funny! I’ll bet exotic dancers look at plain brown flats and loafers and say “You know, I think I’d need a second job as an office exec just to have somewhere to wear them! Think of this: if you had the shoes, you’d have motivation to go take dance lessons (or accounting classes : )

    • I think these are totally wearable, like with a pair of black pants these shoes would look really cool. And I would without any doubt pick the Alexander Wang shoes. The other two look terribly made next to the designer version.

  • I actually love them, and the Alexander Wang ones are much my favorite of the three. Gray is my main neutral in my wardrobe, and silver seems like a natural extension of that. I would wear them with gray pants and a green dressy blouse.

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