More Miu Miu inspiration at River Island

glitter heel peep toe shoes river island

I always feel like I should go on some kind of glitter diet in January: after all the sparkliness of the festive season, I really start to crave the simplest of styles, from clothes to shoes: in fact, I’m writing this wearing an old pair of ballet flats and some plain capri pants and I do not care. In fact, I’m rather enjoying it.

Still, I couldn’t let these shoes go unrecorded, glitter-diet or not. River Island have been bringing out quite a few designer-inspired pieces recently, and all of these shoes reminded me of Miu Miu’s most recent collection, with their curved or flared heels and their suede/glitter uppers.

River Island Miu Miu inspired

I’ve found my tolerance of glitter shoes has been considerably higher following my Ted Baker Keanah2 purchase, and I actually quite like all of these. I’ve no idea how I’d actually wear all of them, of course, but hey, it could be an interesting challenge, don’t you think?

glitter ankle boots

(And yes, I’d ever give the glitter ankle boots a go. Well, why not?)


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