Shoe Deja Vu: Steve Madden ‘Dejavu’ platforms

Steve Madden Dejavu platform shoes

Steve Madden is shameless.

Having been featured as “Shoe Deja Vu” here more times than I can remember, thanks to his habit of drawing copious amounts of “inspiration” from other designers, he’s gone ahead and created a shoe which he’s called “dejavu”. And, indeed, they’re well named, because they DO inspire a strong sense of deja vu, being identical in shape to Christian Louboutin’s ‘Daffodile’ platforms.

Steve Madden Dejavu platform shoes

On this occasion, however, I can’t really blame ol’ Steve, because his is far from the only brand to have copied these shoes: almost every high street retailer has released their own version, and given that M. Louboutin can’t really claim to have invented the idea of gigantic platforms with skinny heels, I suppose it’s only to be expected that other designers will follow his lead here.

As for the shoes themselves, I still like the look of them… on other people. I know I wouldn’t be able to pull them off myself without ending up looking like a golf club, but if you can, you can click here to get these from where they’re $129.99.


  • Really checking the site, just that I’m not commenting much anymore and not posting shoe-saves… having problems with my platform, can’t post any more pictures, but as soon as I solve it I will go back saving shoes and posting them here!
    These shoes… are not for me. Believe it or not, in England I learned how to wear – graciously – low heeled shoes… so these ones would be to high for me. But I know SM copies CL… and many others. Well, at least they are cheaper, but what about a new design, just for a change sometimes?

  • Hey Amber!

    Looking at this post I am reminded of something that has me curious. Do you know why so many high-heels have that upwards curve of the sole at the toe end of the shoe?

    I’m just curious because I’ve just brought new shoes for a 21st Birthday, but I have severely damaged both ankles and find it almost impossible to walk in shoes that have that curve. How do you do it?

    • I would be lying if I said I knew the answer to that, I’m afraid – my guess is that it creates a more elegant shape than if the entire platform was filled in, but I’m just guessing!

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