Buffalo ‘Besma’ mustard yellow shoe boots

yellow shoe boots

Buffalo ‘Besma’ mustard yellow shoe boots, £76

Two of my main winter fashion obsessions right now:

1. The colour mustard

2. Shoe boots

So it figures that these mustard shoe boots would catch my attention for all the right reasons, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s not just the yellow version of these that have me drooling: they also come in navy (my favourite dark-coloured neutral, and a colour you don’t find on too many boots), burgundy (hot colour of the season, but a winter staple every year) and black (well, OK, they had to make them in black too, don’t they?) and I’d happily wear every single one of those. If I had to choose between them, though, the yellow would definitely win: I have a pair of shoes in this shade which I’ve worn frequently this year, but which aren’t getting quite so much use now that the weather has turned chilly. These are basically a winter-appropriate version of them, and it’s so unusual to find boots in this colour that I have to give Buffalo some major credit for creating them!

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