Union Jack shoes for a British holiday

Irregular Choice Patty

As many of you probably know, this week marks the official celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and those of us here in the UK have been given a two-day holiday to celebrate. Lucky, lucky us!

Much more importantly for me, this week also marks the wedding of two of my closets friends, and two days after that I’ll be heading off to Florida for a vacation, so as you can probably imagine, things are pretty hectic around here, and I’m taking full advantage of the holiday to pack my suitcase and take care of all of the other things I need to deal with before I leave. It’ll be back to business as usual here on Wednesday, but until them, I leave you with an appropriately patriotic shoe, in the shape of Irregular Choice’s Union Jack print ‘Patty’ pumps, which you can buy here for £59.99.

See you on Wednesday!


  • I love the idea but not the execution. I cant help but imagine how Louboutin would have done then in suede and with a stiletto heel.

  • Have a great holiday, hope you feel better and don’t get sick, and I hope the wedding is great (both for the bride/groom and you)!

    I love those pumps. I’ve been lusting after them for months. Poetic licence and Irregular Choice are some of my favourite brands.

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