Strutt Couture two-tone ‘Islington’ slingbacks

Spartoo describe these shoes as “blue and white”, but I think they’re just trying to throw me off the scent, because on my screen, that looks just like my old friend, mint green!

These are by Strutt Couture, and are a little more conservative than some of the brand’s other designs. Take a look at these ‘Finsbury’ sandals, for instance:

I actually really like these – perhaps even more than the slingbacks I was originally supposed to be talking about here – because even although they’re straying dangerously close to “peep toe boot” territory, there’s something very fresh about the white, blue and green colour scheme, and I think they could be just unusual enough to be different, without being too OTT.

What do you think: would you wear these?

If you would, the Islington slingbacks are £153, while the Finsbury sandals are £210, and they’re both available at Spartoo.


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