Chain embellished barely there sandals from River Island

gold chain sandals with high heels chain embellished sandals

River Island sandals, £60

This probably goes without saying for most of you, but the “barely there” sandal is one of the biggest shoe trends of this summer, and it’s impossible to look at a shoe-centric website or store right now without seeing lots and lots of examples of the look. These chain-front sandals are just one of the styles currently available at River Island, who’ve really gone to town on the two-part look, with a selection of shoes which all follow this same basic pattern: thin strap over the toe, slim ankle strap at the heel, not much else.

I published an article on how to wear barely there sandals just last week, and since putting together a few outfits based around the style, I’ve been feeling a little more open to the idea of actually WEARING them. I already have a pair of sandals in this shape to experiment with, but should I decide I need some more, these chain-embellished heels are definitely one I’d consider. I have a fondness for shoes with chain details of some kind anyway – I always feel some chunky gold hardware makes a shoe look more expensive than it actually is – and I also like the neutral uppers on these two. (Yes, I’m counting gold as a neutral, albeit a rather fancy one.) If you’d like something a little brighter, though, you won’t have to look too far to find it, because as I say, this style is everywhere right now, and in every colour under the sun. What do you think of it, though? Are you a fan of the “barely there” look, or do you prefer your shoes to feel a little more substantial?

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