Priciples by Ben de Lisi black and white bow sandals

black and white bow sandals

black and white strappy sandals with bow

Ben de Lisi sandals, £32

Are you tired of hearing about how the monochrome look is “big” this season? I might be tired of hearing about it, but I’m definitely not tired of wearing it, and I don’t think I ever will be, because few colour combinations have quite as much impact as the simplest one of all: black and white.

These shoes are from the Principles by Ben de Lisi line at Debenhams, and pair a strappy upper and thin ankle strap with a pretty double-bow, and a 4.25″ heel, which is higher than it looks in these photos. These are a really nice combination of traditional and modern, and while the monochrome uppers will make them very much “on trend” this summer, I don’t think you need worry about them ever going out of style.

You may, however, have to worry about them going out of STOCK. These are currently on sale, and while all sizes were still available at the time of writing, I can’t guarantee they’ll stick around forever!

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