Emma Cook for Topshop beige platform sandals

emma-cook-ruffle-shoesI’ve read a bit of criticism of these shoes since they first came out, but I actually quite like them: I particularly like the way a very feminine style has been given a bit of edge with the zippers, and I say this as someone who doesn’t normally have a lot of love for lots of zips on things.

I also like the mix of mat and metallic on the uppers, which makes them a little more interesting than plain old beige would’ve been, but with all of that said, I think they could be a little tricky to style, so I can see why some people don’t like them.

What do you think of them? If it’s love all the way, they’re £95 at Topshop.


  • I bought the beige zip ones and black leather ones from TopShop in Selfridges- they are stunning. Yes they are a little expensive for TopShop but worth every penny as everytime I wear them people always compliment me. And they are very easy to style – I wear mine with a simple black dress (black ones) or a pair of shorts and white vest (beige ones) – let the shoes do the talking.

  • WHERE CAN I GET ME SOME OF THESE?????? I’ve been searching everywhere for the white ones, absolutely gorgeous but can’t find them anywhere. I’m so gutted. It is THE shoe. Any help would be much appreciated.

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