Bourne ‘Francis’ black and grey toecap pumps

Bourne toecap pumps

Bourne ‘Francis’ court shoes, £109.20

When I think of toecap pumps (Which, let’s face it, is a LOT, especially right now, when there are so many of them around), I tend to think of smart daytime or office shoes: they just have that kind of feel to them, somehow.

These Bourne court shoes, however, are a little bit different, and definitely more evening-appropriate, with their satin uppers and studded toes. Grey and black sounds like it should be a very dull combination for a shoe, and these are certainly on the muted side, but I actually think the combination works really well, with the studs on the toe adding just the right amount of sparkle to create a very elegant shoe, which isn’t so flashy it’ll overwhelm whatever you’re wearing with it. I also like the unusual, draped bow, which helps add a little bit of frivolity to the overall effect.

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