Giuseppe Zanotti sandals with gold glitter upper

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals in gold glitter

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals with gold glitter upper, £970



I’m not normally all that keen on sandals which cover the bridge of the foot: not only do they remind me of peep toe boots (which I have a strong aversion to), they can also have a shortening effect on my already-short legs. I’d happily wear these Giuseppe Zanotti sandals regardless of how short they made my legs look, however: they’re not at all my usual style, and I don’t have a single place to wear them, but when a shoe is this striking, who really cares?

(Also, I suspect it would be difficult for ANYONE’S legs to look short when there’s a 115mm heel involved, don’t you?)

About that heel: the gold glitter upper may be the main event here, but the stiletto heel is one hell of a supporting act – literally. I was actually quite surprised to read that it was “only” 115mm: it looks even higher than that, an illusion created by how narrow and tapered it is. On the other side of the shoe, gold glittered leather and a cage-effect upper make for a pretty dramatic combination, and one which I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear has an equally dramatic price tag attached to it.

What to wear with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

I know this is the second green-and-gold outfit I’ve featured this week, but it’s not a combination I’ve been known to resist:

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and green dress

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and green Roland Mouret dress:

♥  dress   ♥  bag   ♥   cuff 

Roland Mouret is probably my favourite dress designers: his pieces are deceptively simple, but always beautifully tailored, and the kind of dresses you can imagine wearing for years: the fact that this one is in one of my favourite shades of green doesn’t hurt either!

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