Zara mint green t-bar platform sandals

Zara mint green t-bar sandalsOh dear. And I was doing so well, avoiding writing about either Zara, or the colour mint, too.

Well, OK, I wasn’t really. And I’ll be honest: I wasn’t even really trying too hard, but even if I had been, all bets would’ve been off when I spotted these gorgeous little t-bars, in the perfect shade of green.

The shape of these reminds me a little bit of the YSL Tributes, however the platform is lower, and they’re just that little bit more delicate. They’re also a BIG bit less expensive: the good news is that these will cost you just £39.99, which means that the chances of them still being available on pay day are slim-to-none for me. I kinda wish I hadn’t shown you them, now.

Zara mint t-bar sandals

If you want to buy them, you can click here to do it. Do me a favour, and leave at least one pair for me, though?


  • So cute. The green is too pale to go with anything in my wardrobe but I like them on their own. I also think that the platform is comparable to that of the Tributes – not that there’s the bottom platform plus a semi-hidden one which is pretty thick. I would actually wear these in a nice tan color – I am a lot more forgiving of a platform in a sandal than a pump.

  • Gorgeous!! You won’t have to be afraid of me buying them though (there’s a start, at least), since I already own a pair of mint green shoes and I find them very hard to combine with my wardrobe. These are extremely lovely though.

  • Ok, so in the couple of hours I took to go into town & visit Zara to try these on (they only had them in a pale pink/beige, but I wanted to make sure they were properly fabulous in real life) the website managed to run out of these in 2 sizes (including mine!!!). I am putting these shoes under close watch, & the minute they’re available in my size in-store or online I’m grabbing them!

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