Ruby Shoesdays! The Red Shoe Challenge

As some of you may have deduced from the lack of Shoe Challenge posts lately, my mission to wear all of my shoes in the space of a year hasn’t been going well AT ALL lately.  This is partly because of the whole “transitional dressing” issue I mentioned in my last Shoe Challenge Challenge post (I can’t WAIT to switch over my wardrobes and get all of my Spring/Summer clothes out!), but it’s also just because I’ve been so busy with work lately that I’ve been pretty much stuck at my desk all day, every day, and on the rare occasions I haven’t been working, it’s still been fairly chilly and damp out, so I’ve been sticking to my faithful winter boot collection.

Hopefully all of that will change soon, but for now, just because I’m failing miserably with one challenge doesn’t mean I’m not up for taking on another, so today I’m signing up for Caroline of Secondhand Shopper’s “Ruby Shoesdays”. Like me, Caroline is a fan of red footwear, so the rules for this challenge are pretty straightforward: every Tuesday, you have to wear a pair of red shoes!

As well as being a bit of fun, this will make a nice change from my regular Shoe Challenge, because rather than forcing me to try and wear as many different pairs of shoes as possible, Ruby Shoesdays will force me to get creative and find ways to remix the same shoes over and over again. And, of course, it’s a great excuse to buy more pairs of red shoes.

I’m too late to join in today, but look out for my first Ruby Shoesdays post next week: and, of course, if you feel like joining in, please do! (And go and say hi to Caroline while you’re at it.)


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