Ruthie Davis ‘Pluto’ peep toes with studded heels

There are probably lots of things I could say about these shoes, but let’s face it: most people’s eyes are going to go straight to that heel:

Now, my first thought here was actually about the amount of damage I could do with those heels: to chair legs and other sundry pieces of furniture, to passers-by, to my own legs… the possibilities are endless when you’re a clumsy girl, trust me.

That’s not the only reason I won’t be buying these – the $492 price has a lot to do with it, too – but if your attitude to studs is simple “the bigger, the better” then these could be the studded shoes for you.

Click here to buy them.


  • The details here are that little bit too large. Make the platform a teeny bit smaller, and decrease the size of the studs, and I would really really like these. So much so that I would possibly buy them, well, maybe, if they were 1/4 of the price!

  • Those embellishments remind me of things I won’t mention because they’re not pleasant (I only say they look growing out of the heel..). Cannot shake it off, so I will pass on those shoes.

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