Five on Friday | Summer Shopping List

Well, ShoeperWomen, it seems we’ve reached that time of year when I just want to buy ALL THE THINGS. I’ve added quite a few items to my summer shopping list this week: here are just 5 of them:

White cherry print sundress

Jolie Moi cherry print sundress

I can’t even tell you what a hard time I had NOT ordering this dress. I LOVE cherry print on anything (and I have the perfect pair of shoes to wear with this, too!), and this little sundress is retro-inspired, without looking too costumey. I love the shawl collar and tie belt, which will allow the waist to be adjusted slightly – a narrow red belt would also work with it, though, as would a pair of bright red shoes. I’m REALLY not helping myself resist this one, am I? OK, moving on…

mint green dress

BooHoo mint green dress

BooHoo isn’t a brand I usually pay much attention to: I find the selection on their website a little overwhelming (I don’t have this issue with ASOS, though: no idea what that’s about!), and when I’ve ordered from them in the past, I’ve never been too impressed with the quality. With that said, at just £25, this little mint dress could just be worth taking a chance on…

Dita cat's eye sunglasses

Collectif cat’s eye sunglasses

I have tons of sunglasses, and almost all of them are in this kind of cat’s eye shape. Does that stop me wanting these Collectif ones, though? I wish I could answer “yes” to that, but far be it for me to lie to you…

red pleated skirt

Oasis red pleated skirt

It was the red pleated skirt I was most interested in here, but when I saw the way they’d styled it – which just so happens to be exactly how I’D style it, too – I soon decided I needed EVERYTHING. Whoops.

Kate Spade sprial notebook

Kate Spade spiral notebook

OK, this one isn’t actually clothing-related (not that I said these items all would be!), but I’m also just a little bit obsessed with stationary, and with Kate Spade stationery in particular. (Actually, I’m obsessed with Kate Spade EVERYTHING, who am I kidding?) I love this gold stripe notebook, and I’m also tempted to buy this mug -purely because they would look so cute together. Oh, don’t pretend you wouldn’t do the same…

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