5 on Friday | Stripes and more stripes

Happy Friday, everyone! Before you head off to enjoy your weekend, here’s your weekly dose of shopping temptation…

I’m going to just try to get the stripes out of the way first: because you all knew there would be stripes, didn’t you? Well, here they are:

stripe midi skirt

Louche Luxe Kienna Matt Satin Skirt

I don’t just love this stripey satin skirt, I also love the styling of it here, with the ladylike blouse and slightly tousled updo. In fact, I like it all SO much that if you happen to be checking out my other blog over the next few weeks, you might just see a little something familiar…

Sticking with the stripes (because when do I ever NOT stick with the stripes?), I also love this:

stripe closet dress

Stripe bardot dress

I’ve been spending a little bit too much time on the Closet London website lately, and this dress instantly caught my attention. Judging by the length on the model, I’m guessing this would probably be a little too long for me, though – good news for my bank account, at least.

ZARA ballerina dress

ZARA ballerina dress

ZARA’s fall collection is now starting to arrive: I don’t normally wear dark colours during the summer (Silly, I know, but even on a typically cold day, it just feels too gloomy for the season, somehow!), but I think this little dress would be an easy way to wear a tulle skirt without feeling like you were in fancy dress.

Oasis floral summer dress

Oasis floral midi dress

This dress, meanwhile, is a little more seasonally appropriate – and it could always be layered up with a cardigan, if the season in question happens to be an unusually cold one!

orange dress

Yumi Kim Prima Donna dress

Finally, it’s not a colour I could wear myself, but I think this might just be the perfect, go-anywhere dress: if only it was available in some other colours!

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