A Dress That Makes Me Want to Get Married All Over Again

budget wedding dress

OK, so I’m sure you don’t need to be a bride to be able to wear this dress, but when I found it, my first thought was that it would make an awesome budget wedding dress – don’t you think?

(My second thought was, “Damn, I really wish I wasn’t already married…” because I actually CAN’T think of another excuse for me to wear a dress like this. I wonder what ShoeperMan would say if I suggested getting re-married?)

If I were wearing this a a budget wedding dress, I’d probably add a glittery gold shrug for the ceremony (Actually, I think I have one that would work. That’s reason enough to buy the dress, isn’t it?), with a pair of strappy gold sandals to match. (I have those too. I’m really starting to talk myself into this, aren’t I?) The best part is that both of those accessories are ones you’d easily be able to wear again, so your budget wedding dress becomes even more of an investment. If this one isn’t quite your style, however, how about this:

budget wedding dress

This dress is also by Chi Chi London, who I’d happily buy my entire wardrobe from, if that was even remotely practical/affordable. As you can see from the simple styling in the photo, a pair of strappy sandals are really all that’s needed here: who says a wedding dress has to be expensive?

Both of these dresses are shorter than your average wedding gown, and suitable for less traditional ceremonies. If you’d rather go for a floor-length dress, however, this one is currently on sale for just £39 – so when I said budget wedding dress, I really wasn’t joking!

budget wedding dress

At that price, however, you’ll be unsurprising to find that it’s selling out fast, so if your size is available, you probably won’t want to wait around: I mean, I’m not even getting married, and I’m STILL tempted to buy it…

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