Why am I suddenly obsessed with pink coats?

River Island pink coat

Actually, there’s no need to answer the question in the title: I’ve been obsessed with pink coats for a couple of years ago – ever since they got super-popular around two winters ago, and then never really went away. In my case, the problem is that while there’s no shortage of pink coats out there, the colour doesn’t really suit me particularly well, so although I’m more than willing to give it a go anyway, every now and then, for the most part I just have to enjoy the pink coats from afar! This one is from River Island, and it’s the latest to get my attention. It claims to have an “‘oversized” shape, which is bad news for the petite amongst you, who probably find that ALL coats are over-sized, and don’t really need them to be, thanks very much (Seriously, is it just me, or is outerwear always enormous these days? I was browsing Depop the other day, looking for coats, and I came across SO many where the listing said s0mething like, “This is a UK size 6, but it will easily fit a 10 or 12!” Er, WHUT?), but if you’re a fan of the slouchy look, go for it.

If you’re not feeling the pink, however, this one’s also available in grey:

grey oversized coat

Grey is another colour I’m really loving right now (and this one I actually CAN wear!): not only does it look fabulous with the aforementioned soft pink, making it an easy way for me to wear a little bit of pink, without it being the main focus of the outfit, it’s also a less-harsh alternative to black, so an excellent neutral for those of us with very pale skin, who’re constantly in danger of looking like vampires at this time of year. Which reminds me: must stock up on bronzer…

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