Three Things That Don’t Look Like They Came from H&M

H&M is absolutely killing it this season, seriously.

I tend to shop from the website fairly often anyway – mostly for basics – and it used to be a bit of a frustrating process, with long delays on delivery, which meant I’d place my order, and it would frequently take so long to arrive that I’d have completely forgotten about it: whoops!

Those days are no more, though. I’m pleased to say that the last few orders I’ve placed with H&M have arrived either the next day, or just a couple of days later, and returns are normally processed equally quickly – which makes shopping there even more of a lethal experience for the ol’ credit card, unfortunately. That situation isn’t helped at all by the fact that H&M have been producing so many great items, too. Here are some of my favourites this week:

black tuxedo jacket


H&M actually released this jacket last winter, too, in both black and white. As I’d been looking for a tuxedo jacket for ages at that point, I ordered both colours – only to have to send them both back. My usual size had been unavailable, so I’d ordered the size up, knowing that H&M sizing often runs a little small, anyway. Unfortunately for me, though, that was one of the times the sizing was spot on, so the jackets were too large and had to go back. I was thrilled to see it come back this year (although this time only in black), so this should be on its way to me now: fingers crossed it’s as nice as I remember it!

navy boatneck dress


I’m convinced the photos don’t do justice to this dress: it’s such a classic style, with its boatneck top and three-quarter length sleeves, that it has a real ‘Audrey Hepburn’ feel to it. It’s also available in lilac, and I’d love to know if it’s as nice in ‘real life’ as I think it will be!

white double-breasted coat


I can’t possibly justify a new coat this winter, so it’s probably a good thing that this one is sold out in my size at the moment. Winter white is one of my favourite colours for a coat, though: it goes with everything, and makes such a nice change from the darker colours which predominate at this time of year. I actually used to have a coat very similar to this one, and I almost cried when I finally had to get rid of it, so like I say, it’s a good job this isn’t available in my size, or I’d be about to take delivery of my third coat of the season: that’s not too many, is it?!

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