Shoeper Style | Miss Selfridge pink tipped coat

miss selfridge pink coat

How I wish I could get away with this shade of pink!

Miss Selfridge have been on a roll this season with their winter coat selection. I’ve already bought one of them for myself, and have featured a few more – the latest being this salmon-pink number, which has a black-tipped collar and cuffs. At a time when so many coats are in a cocoon or “boyfriend” shape, I really like the fact that this coat is fairly fitted. Not only does it give it a retro feel (Which I naturally love), it’s also more flattering on petite frames, which can easily be swamped by over-sized styles.

I also love the way Miss Selfridge have styled this in the photo, with bare legs and (presumably) a short dress underneath: very sixties-inspired! Unfortunately, unless you’re going from car-to-bar on a night out, it’s probably a little too cold to get away with bare legs right now, so I’ve styled this in a slightly warmer way:

winter outfit featuring pink coat and mini skirt


Head-to-toe black isn’t a look for everyone, but if you can pull off the colour, an outfit like this is pared-back and minimal, but with a beatnik feel which I love: just add a bit of dramatic black eyeliner! I’ve keep the short length of the skirt, so there’s nothing dangling beneath the hem of the coat, and ruining the impact of it, but added some tights and boots, to make this warmer, and more wearable as a daytime look.

Oh, and if pink isn’t your colour, and you’re still in search of a winter coat, I’ve just noticed that my mint green coat is back in stock!


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