Three Pairs of Jeans That Are Perfect for Almost-Petites

Almost-petites?” I hear you ask. “What the hell’s an almost-petite?”

People like me are almost-petite. At 5’4″, I’m too tall for the petite ranges, most of which are aimed at women of 5’3″ and under… but I’m too short for the “regular” lines: so, the worst of both worlds, basically.

When I’m buying skirts and dresses, my height isn’t too much of an issue. I generally prefer midi or below-the-knee length styles anyway, so the regular or petite lines will usually work just fine (In fact, petite line midis are one of my favourite things to buy: if it’s cut to be mid-calf length on a petite person, it’ll be a little shorter than that on me, which is just the length I like!). When it comes to buying jeans, however, it’s a different story altogether. Petite jeans are normally too small for me, while regular ones bunch at the ankles: and yes, I know I could just have them tailored, but let’s face it, jeans that have been tailored never look quite as good as ones that are just the right length, naturally (or I don’t think so, anyway), which is why I’ve been rotating the same two pairs of jeans now for the last year. Or, at least, I was until I decided enough was enough, and set about tracking down some new pairs. Here are three of my favourites…

Current Elliott Stiletto jeans


These are by far the most expensive of this selection, but I’ve had my pair for a few years now, and they’re still going strong, so I reckon I’ve got the cost-per-wear down to mere pennies by this point. As well as being the most expensive pair, these are also the longest, and hit right at the top of my foot, so they probably won’t work for true petites: for almost-petites like me, though, they’re pretty much perfect!

Gap True skinny ankle jeans


One of my favourite tips for almost-petites is to look for jeans described as “ankle jeans” or crops – they normally work as full-length jeans on those of us who are around 5″4′! These are full-length on me in the regular cut, but I’m also looking to buy them in the petite cut (which never seems to be in stock in my size, annoyingly!), which should work as an actual ankle jean on me.

Speaking of ankle jeans…

Fat Face slim capri jeans


Buying ankle-length jeans is all well and good if you want them to be full-length on your shorter legs: but what if you actually do want a pair of ankle-length jeans? This is my biggest issue when shopping for jeans: I prefer the hems to hit just on or above the ankle bone, but when regular ankle jeans are full-length on me, and petite jeans rarely seem to be available in the cut and colour I’m looking for, finding that elusive perfect length is a real struggle. Enter Fat Face, and their slim capri jeans: as you can see, these are supposed to be capri-length, but on me, they hit right above the ankle. I was so pleased to find them, I ended up buying two different colours – now that’s true denim love for you!

Any other almost-petites out there? Where do you buy your jeans?

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