Yves Saint Laurent mirrored-heel metallic leather pumps

YSL mirrored heel

mirrored heels

Yves Saint Laurent mirrored-heel metallic leather pumps, £720

These shoes seem very Friday-appropriate – or at least, they do for those of you who’re planning to celebrate the end of the week with something exciting, that required extravagant heels. For me, it’ll probably just be a pizza and a Modern Family marathon, and… actually, I would totally wear extravagant heels for that. In fact, I often do

These heels, however, remind me of a mirror ball  which makes me think they’d appreciate being taken out dancing. And, you know, what the shoes want…

Actually, these might be a little easier to dance in than the image suggests. The heel is 4.5″, which is quite a bit lower than the 6″ skyscrapers we’ve become used to in recent years, and there’s also a 1″ platform, to make it feel even lower. Add in a mirrored leather upper, to match the mirrored heel, and a colour which will work with almost everything, and you have the perfect party shoe: assuming you’re willing to spend £720 on them…

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  • I very much like these and would most certainly wear them. And the height sounds really comfortable, for once.

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