Friday Favourites: Collective Vintage ‘Christiane’ dress

I have two pieces of good news and one piece of bad news. I’ll give you the good news first, shall I? OK, here goes:

01. One of my favourite retro-inspired brands, Collectif, has just started stocking a small range of clothing from one of my OTHER favourite retro-inspired brands, Pin Up Girl Clothing. Now, Pin Up Girl is a US brand, and although there are a few UK stockists, it’s far from easy to find their stuff here (They do ship internationally, and I’ve done it, but the shipping costs are high, as are the import duties, which makes it a little more risky than ordering from the UK, especially if the item you purchase turns out not to fit, or to be otherwise unsuitable), so, while potentially bad news for my bank account, the fact that I might be able to buy some of my PUG favourites here in the UK is very good news indeed.

02. This dress exists:

Collectif 'Christiane' dress

This dress isn’t actually by Pin-Up Girl – it’s from Collectif’s own line – but I LOVE it. The colour is perfect for winter, and that little fur collar and cuff detail is just to die for. It looks great here with nude shoes, but I’d also love to style this with with some brown leather boots…. which brings me to the bad news:

It’s currently sold out in most sizes – mine included.

This won’t, of course, be bad news for everyone, so if you’re one of the lucky ones who has the opportunity to buy this dress, all I can say to you is DO IT NOW – what are you waiting for?! If, like me, however, you clicked through to the Collectif website, only to have all your hopes dashed in one fell swoop, take heart: I know from experience that they DO often re-stock items that sell well, so keep checking back, and you never know – you might just get that Christmas miracle!

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