Friday Favourites: Next grey belted coat

Next grey belted coat

I’ve been really loving Next this season: I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a brand I’ve been guilty of overlooking in the past – which makes me feel pretty stupid given that I now can’t seem to walk into one of their stores without finding at least a dozen things I want to buy!

I DID find at least a dozen things I wanted to buy on my most recent trip (Unfortunately, this particular store had a very large homeward section, and I could seriously have spent a small fortune in there!), but as soon as I walked through the doors, and saw this coat waiting for me, I knew it was THE ONE.

Now, this was actually a slightly strange situation to find myself in, because I look at the Next website regularly, and even receive the paper copy of their Directory, and not once had this coat jumped out at me. Not once. And, I mean, you can probably see why, can’t you? I’m not sure whether it’s the lighting or the styling, but in this photo, it really doesn’t look particularly appealing to me, even now that I’ve seen the real thing.

Given that I’ve not only SEEN the real thing, but also tried it on and paraded around the store in it, however, I can confidently tell you that the photo REALLY doesn’t do it justice. In real life, this coat is an absolute dream: beautifully made, the most gorgeous, go-with-anything colour, and one of those classic styles that you know will work with everything. My usual size fit perfectly (Even in the sleeves, which is almost unheard of for me and coats…). Have I convinced you yet? Because I know I’ve definitely convinced myself, and I just so happen to be having to drive past that particular branch of Next tomorrow. Hmmm….

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