5 Stocking Fillers Under £15

stocking fillers under £5

OK, let’s face it: it’s the week before Christmas, so I can’t really ignore the ‘gift guide’ stuff any longer, can I? I’m notoriously bad at gift shopping, and have a horrible habit of leaving until the very last minute possible (I used to quite literally do my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, but I’ve gotten a little better since then…), so if, like me, you still have some last minute gifts to buy, here are some easy stocking fillers, all under £15:

01. Topshop pom-pom beanie

If I’m totally honest, I’ve included this mostly because I really want one of these myself right now. Still, everyone can use a nice warm hat at this time of year, can’t they?

02. Paperchase ‘Every Cloud’ notebook

Again, I’m possibly just speaking for myself here, but there’s nothing quite like a fresh, new notebook – and there’s absolutely no limit to the number of them I convince myself I *need*, either…

03.  Warmies heatable pug soft toy

This is exactly the kind of thing I’d never buy for myself, but if I were to find it in my stocking, I’d be secretly looking forward to the moment I could slink off to bed with my heatable pug toy. And no, I’m not embarrassed to admit it…

04. Oasis rose gold coin purse

This looks pretty tiny, really (Well, it IS only £6, so what do you expect?), so it really would be no more than a ‘stocking filler’ kind of gift, but it’s so pretty and sparkly I’m sure it would be a very welcome one, all the same. Well, it would for me, anyway.

05. H&M glittery socks

I know socks are often considered a very boring and predictable kind of gift, but I’ve developed a bit of a weakness for luxe-look socks (either thick cable-knit or sheer, glittery fabrics), which I wear around the house. I also sometimes think the best stocking fillers are those things people use all the time, but don’t necessarily enjoy spending money on: one of my favourite stocking fillers, for instance, was a couple of bottles of the eye makeup remover I use every day, and always resent having to re-purchase every few weeks – glittery socks might not quite fall into that category, but they’d still make a nice gift, in any case!

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