Shopbop Gifts Under $50

Gift boutique candle

Gift Boutique ‘Make a Wish on a Rainy Day’ candle

I firmly believe that you can’t go far wrong with a scented candle: in fact, if candles were all I got for Christmas, I’d be totally happy with that. In the run-up to the holidays, I’ve filled the house with festive-themed scents, but by January I figure I might be in the mood for something a little different. This one has a vanilla scent, and I like the message on the tin, too!

Sunny Life tropical cocktail kit

Sunny Life Tropical Cocktail Kit

For those of you who still want to party on into the New Year, meanwhile, this tropical cocktail kit looks like a lot of fun – perfect for that NYE party!

spindle storage box

Gift Boutique Spindle Storage Box

This is such a clever idea for storing rings or other smaller items of jewellery, and I love the minimal design, too, which means that, no matter who you’re buying it for, it’s not going to clash with their decor!

glasses trinket tray

Glasses Trinket Tray

Ever since I got a proper dressing table, after years of perching awkwardly on the edge of the bed to do my makeup, I’ve discovered a newfound love for trinket trays: in fact, I’m in danger of ruining my OWN minimal look table by cluttering it up with too many irresistibly cute things, like this. Oh well, what can I say: the trinket-tray life chose me…

bright pink texting gloves

bright pink texting gloves

These are at the top end of the price limit I set in this post, but 1) gloves are always a good idea and b) gloves you can use your smartphone without removing are an even BETTER idea, aren’t they? I actually have a couple of pairs of these now, and I’m honestly not sure how I got by without them, so unless you’re buying for one of those very clever people who DON’T have to consult their phone every few minutes, I’m sure they’d make a welcome gift.

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