A polka dot midi skirt that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas

Need a quick break from all of the Christmas-related content that’s probably filling your screens right now? Yeah, me too: which is why I headed over to Closet London, and dug up this summery polka dot skirt for you:

Closet Black and White polka dot skirt

If you read my other blog, you might well know that I’m currently on a self-imposed shopping ban, which means that this skirt is killing me right now. KILLING ME. There are only two saving graces, as far as I can see:

01. It’s winter right now, and this really seems much more suitable to spring/summer to me.

02. The length. It’s described as a “midi” skirt on the Closet London website, but when a skirt is mid-calf length on the model, I know it’s going to be basically floor-length on me, unfortunately. I know I could easily take it up, but the knowledge that I’m going to have to have clothes altered before I can wear them is always off-putting to me, so that’s a bit of a stumbling block. With that said, this skirt is also available at ASOS, and looks much shorter on their 5’9″ model (Side note: this is why I love it when websites give you the height of the models they’re using – it makes it so much easier for me to work out just how long that dress is actually going to be on me!), so maybe there is yet hope, who knows?

Wait: what am I saying? I’m on a shopping ban: there IS no hope for me – or not unless the skirt is still available by the time the warmer weather rolls around, and my spending ban is over. For that reason, I’m kind  of regretting showing you it now. Er, I know it’s cute and all, but promise me you’ll leave one for me, if you DO decide to buy it? Pretty please?

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