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OK, I know I’ve been mentioning ASOS and their dresses a lot lately, but seriously: are they actually trying to taunt me now? Now sooner do I decide to cut back on dress-buying, than ASOS start releasing dress after amazing dress, making it really hard to resist buying them all. Or some of them, at least.

Right after I wrote my June Wish List post, another new batch of dresses arrived on the site: some of them e already low in stock, and it would be criminal not to share them with you, and give you the opportunity to grab one while you can, so here, in no particular order, are a few of my favourites…

ASOS purple satin bardot dress

ASOS purple satin bardot midi prom dress, £95

Wow. This is £95, which is a little more expensive than many ASOS dresses, but you can see why, can’t you? It’s gorgeous. From the stand-out colour to the beautiful, retro-inspired shape, this is a true show-stopper of a dress, and I have a feeling it’ll be worth every penny. I, sadly, don’t have an occasion special enough to warrant buying a dress like this, and if you don’t either, here’s a slightly less dressy version:

ASOS red bardot prom dress

ASOS red crepe bardot prom dress, £85

Let’s not kid ourselves here: this isn’t exactly “casual” either. The crepe fabric, however, isn’t quite as fancy as the purple satin, but this is still one gorgeous dress – and £10 cheaper, too!

ASOS pink prom dress

ASOS pink ‘Debutant’ full midi dress, £38

This one is quite a bit cheaper, at £38, but the shape and colour are so pretty I like it almost as much. This dress also comes in black, and while all of these dresses seem to have been released with prom season in mind, I think this one could be dressed down a little more easily than the first too.

ASOS green broderie dress

ASOS broderie dress, £60

A classic sundress, with a bit of an ‘Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday’ vibe to it, I love the colour and broderie fabric on this dress: I just wish it was fully lined, rather than only partially!

And there you have it: between these dresses, and all of the full midi skirts ASOS are selling right now, I think I might have to get ShoeperMan to block my access before it sends me bankrupt…

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  • That first dress is a stunner. I have a similar (material and color) vintage dress, but mine is with small straps instead of the bardot sleeves (which is a shame as now seeing this dress the little sleeves are really gorgeous and I would have liked my dress to have them too).

  • I bought the turquoise version of the purpley dress from asos first in the list- I wore it to prom! Very nice, it’s neoprene which makes it a bit heavy but it doesn’t fall down or anything so it’s fine

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