4 Things to Buy This November

It’s the last day of October – and trust me when I tell you, I’m just as surprised as you probably are about that –  so, rather than the obligatory Halloween-related post, I thought I’d take a look forward at some of the things I might want to buy in November. Things like…

grey bow sweater


I’m not quite as obsessed with bows-on-clothes as I once was, but I still can’t resist this little bow-covered grey sweater. This is by Naf Naf, which is a brand I remember being super-popular back when I was a teenager. They’ve kind of disappeared from the fashion radar since then, but if this is the kind of thing they have to offer, they could be well worth checking out again.

black leather handbag


Su-Shi is a brand that’s new to me, but it’s another one I’m going to want to see more of, if this example is anything to go by. This is the kind of black leather handbag that could easily become a wardrobe staple: I love the gold hardware, and the two straps, allowing you to carry it over your shoulder, or by the top handle.

polka dot top with stripe cuffs


Polka dots and stripes are my two favourite prints, and when you put them together, well, it’s just double the fun, isn’t it? This top is by Moony Mood, and it’s been calling my name since I first laid eyes on it. Can I resist the siren song of stripes and dots? We’ll see…


breton top


I actually have this sweater in the opposite colourway (i.e. navy on white, rather than white on navy), and I probably wear it at least once a week – that’s how much I love it. (And how much I love Breton stripes in general.) I wear it SO much, in fact, that’s I’m now in serious danger of wearing it out altogether: which makes a back-up sound like a pretty good idea to me!

All of these items are available at Spartoo, whose new autumn/winter collection is online now – go check it out!


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