In praise of sock boots

Topshop Hollywood sock boots

Topshop ‘Hollywood’ sock boots

Sock boots. I know they SOUND like the kind of thing I should hate, and under normal circumstances I probably would hate them: I mean, they’re boots that look a bit like socks, for God’s sake, AND their current popularity is partly due to Kanye West, so … they’re just not really my usual kind of “thing”. Despite myself, though, I actually kind of love sock boots – so much so that I’d have a pair in every colour available, if I could possibly afford it.

The thing is, I learned a long time ago that my main issue with winter footwear (which, in turn, is my main issue with winter dressing in general: because if you can’t get the shoes right, nothing else about your outfit feels right either, does it?) is the fact that most of the boots I try either chop my leg off at the ankle, making it look even stumpier than it already is, or are such a loose fit that I look like I’m wearing wellies. Neither of those makes for a good look on me, and a lot of the time, I’ll get both of those effects from the same pair of boots: I mean, is it any wonder I much prefer summer, when you can just throw on a pair of sandals, and not have to give it a second thought?

Sock boots, however, manage to solve both of my issues at once: they fit so closely to the leg that they can be worn with both trousers/jeans and dresses/skirts (no more having to awkwardly roll or tuck your jeans in order to wear them with boots!), and the range of ‘nude’ options available should also have a leg-lengthening effect, too. This particular pair looks like they’re more than pale enough to work with my skintone, but as I said, there are lots of options available in this kind of style: what do you think of them?

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