The simple accessory that makes casual outfits awesome

red bandana neckerchief

I’m a little bit late to the bandana party (now THERE’S a phrase I never thought I’d type! Doesn’t a bandana party sound fun, though?!): partly because I can still remember wearing them as a teenager, but also because when red neckerchiefs started to appear on every fashion blogger on the planet, I was always secretly reminded of this kind of look, I’m I’m completely honest. I am SO sorry, fashion bloggers. I’ll just get my coat, shall I?

As is often the way with new trends, though, as time went on, bandana neckerchiefs started to loose the “cowgirl fancy dress costume” associations for me, and start to be associated with looks like this, instead:

Super-simple, super stylish, and with the neckerchief helping to turn what would otherwise be a very basic outfit (That’s not a criticism, by the way: as I’m sure you all know by now, I’m a huge fan of the basic outfit: in fact, I think they’re the best there is…)

Neckerchiefs also look good with chambray:

And they’re all kinds of amazing with a classic Breton – although that kind of goes without saying, really, because EVERYTHING looks amazing with a classic Breton, doesn’t it? I don’t buy all of those stripe tops for NO reason, you know…

They can even work as part of a slightly less casual ensemble:

In all honesty, I think that last look is one of the ones that probably only works on Other People, and not on me: the first two are totally achievable, though, and when the neckerchief in question will only set you back around £5, I have to say, I’m feeling like it might just drop into the basket when I place my next ASOS order. Totally by accident, you understand…


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