The £22 tea dress you can pick up at the supermarket

floral tea dress

Sainsbury’s floral tea dress

I’ve been searching for a decent floral tea dress for what feels like forever now, so you can imagine my surprise when I realised the one I’d been looking for had been right under my nose the whole time, at the local supermarket!

Actually, it’s not that surprising: I’m a big fan of Sainsbury’s ‘Tu’ line (this is the main reason ShoeperMan hates shopping at Sainsbury’s: I’m almost guaranteed to find something non-grocery related that I just HAVE to buy!), but although I’ve been shopping in store for a while now, I actually didn’t realise the clothes were also available online, so that’s a pleasant – and potentially expensive – surprise for me this morning!

Although the matronly shoes kind of kill this dress in terms of styling, if you picture it with black tights, a great pair of ankle boots, and a leather moto jacket, you might just be able to see what I see in it – and understand why I’m very tempted to add it to my basket, even although it’s been an expensive month already, and even a £22 dress purchase would be a bad idea for me right now!

Here are some other clothing items you can pick up with your weekly grocery shop this month:

camel wrap coat

Camel wrap coat

I’ve talked so much about camel coats lately that I don’t have much to say about this one –  other than that, at £55, it’s probably one of the cheapest I’ve found so far, as well as one of the nicest.

stripe collar dress

Stripe collar dress

This easy-to-wear stripe dress, meanwhile, is one of those items you’ll find yourself wondering how you coped without. I firmly believe you can’t go too far wrong with stripes, and, again, if you ad a pair of tights, and some black ankle boots, this one is a definite winner – and for just £16, too!

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