Five on Friday: the last five things on my Shopbop Wishlist

Don’t you just love an online store that has an ACTUAL ‘Wishlist’ function, that you can add items to at will, and then bravely resist the temptation to just hit the ‘add all to basket’ option, and get the online shopping delivery of a lifetime? I do.

If I were to actually go ahead and just add all of the items on my Shopbop wishlist to my basket, mind you, I’m not sure the delivery man would be pleased: in fact, I’m not even sure he’d get it all onto his van: it’s THAT long a list. Rather than sharing it in its entirety, then, and being here until NEXT Friday, today I thought I’d show the last five things I added. There’s no cheating allowed in this exercise, so I haven’t edited the list to find the most Pinterest-worthy items, or anything like that: these are the actual items I added to my Shopbop list, and they are…

Only Hearts Silk Charmeuse Mini Slip
Only Hearts Silk Charmeuse Mini Slip

Er, OK: slightly regretting this now, but at least if nothing else, it’ll be an interesting insight into my real-life shopping habits, huh? I added this silk slip because I’m currently on a mission to revamp my nightwear drawer, throw out everything that’s old, over-washed and past its best (so, pretty much everything, then…) and replace it with newer, nicer pieces. This slip is at the extreme end of the scale in terms of glamour, but just in case you’re getting the wrong idea here, and thinking I’m the kind of girl who swans around the house in a little scrap of silk, let me just show you the second item I added recently…

Zoe Karssen slim fit sweatpants

Zoe Karssen slim fit sweatpants

Well, what can I say: you can’t be glamorous ALL the time, can you?

See by Chloe Collins cross-body bag

See by Chloe ‘Collins’ cross body bag

I just LOVE the dark green colour of this bag, and as it’s a shade I wear often, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it, too.

Kate Spade New York Deco Dots 12 Month Agenda

Kate Spade New York 12 Month Agenda

I recently bought myself a new mid-year diary, which will see me all the way through to this time next year, meaning I have absolutely no use for this 12 month agenda whatsoever. Does that stop me wanting to buy it, though? Nope, not at all: are you mad?!

DKNY ribbed tube skirt

DKNY ribbed tube skirt

No, it’s not the mos interesting item I’ve ever featured here: but I bet I’d get a ton of use out of this navy ribbed tube skirt – sometimes the basics are the best, after all!

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