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The Zara online sale started today, and I gotta be honest: it’s a bit disappointing, price-wise. Don’t get me wrong: the stock itself is fantastic, and there’s a huge amount of it to choose from, with even fairly recent pieces included in the sale. As with the winter sale, however, a lot of the pricier items are reduced by just £10, which doesn’t exactly make you feel like you got a bargain. If there’s something you like, but don’t have your heart absolutely set on, my advice would be to wait it out and hope it makes it to final clearance, when there’ll be a chance of some REAL bargains. As for me, however, there were a few items I’d been thinking about buying anyway, so I decided to place a small order this morning, rather than risk them selling out in the sales frenzy.

Here’s what I ordered:

zara online sale

Pink cropped jacket with zips – £59.99 in the Zara online sale

I’ve been on the lookout for a cropped, lightweight jacket for a while now. Because I wear a lot of full skirts and midi-length dresses, I can struggle a bit to find outerwear that works with them: I think longer coats/jackets can look quite frumpy over a midi skirt, and a lot of the cropped jackets I’ve found lately have had a boxy shape which looks great with trousers and jeans, but not so good with a full skirt. I do have a cropped denim jacket, which tends to be my summer go-to, but I wanted something a little bit smarter too, and this pink biker-style jacket seemed to fit the bill. It’s both cropped and close-fitting, so it should work with all those dresses and skirts  – I’m just hoping the colour is as pale as it looks in the photo, though, because I need something that will work with almost everything, and which won’t clash too much with my hair! The biker-style zips are a little different from my usual style, but I’ve always liked the look of biker jackets with “girlie” dresses, and the pastel colour means it’s not too much of a departure from my usual style!

(Oh, and by the way, I keep seeing this jacket selling on eBay for ridiculous prices, which seem even MORE ridiculous given that it’s still in stock in most sizes! )

Zara striped dress

Striped dress with wide straps – £29.99 in the Zara online sale

This is one of those items which has only been reduced by £10, but I’ve had my eye on it since it arrived on the site, and I think (hope) it’ll be much nicer in real life than it looks in this photo, so fingers crossed!

polka dot trousers

Polka dot trousers with tie waist, £29.99

These trousers were the item I most wanted to buy, so naturally they’re part of the A/W collection, and not on sale! They’re only £29.99 full price, though, and I’d been planning to order them within the next couple of weeks anyway, so I figured I may as well just include them in this order, which qualified for free shipping, rather than paying more to have them delivered in a couple of weeks. These are a part of my new-found interest in casual clothes, which I’ve mentioned a few times now: it’s always hard for me to buy a “sensible” pair of trousers instead of a pretty dress, but these have polka dots AND a bow, so they’re the least-sensible “sensible” purchase I could make: here’s hoping they actually fit me!

These will all be with me in a few days, and I think I did quite well to restrict myself to just three items from my favourite brand!

Did you buy anything in the Zara online sale?

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