Dress of the Day | Louche Raquel Blossom Dress

Louche Raquel Blossom Dress

Louche Raquel Blossom Dress, £49

One of my very favourite dresses is by Louche, so although I haven’t bought anything from the brand for a while, I make a point of checking in with them every now and then, in the hope of finding something I’ll love just as much.

As I’ve mentioned previously, right now I’m on the lookout for casual tea dresses or similar – the kind of thing I could wear with a denim jacket and flats for a causal look, or dress up a bit with heels. As most of the dresses I own are anything BUT casual, I’d quite like to stock up on a few of these, but it’s proving harder than you might think to find them. Most of the tea dresses I’ve found are either so short I’d only be able to wear them with tights (which isn’t much use during the summer), or so long they’d look frumpy with flats, and therefore wouldn’t be much use for the dressed-down look I’m after. It’s been surprisingly difficult to find the perfect middle ground, which is why this ‘Raquel’ dress looks so good to me right now.

This dress hits a couple of inches above the knee on the model, but I noticed that a couple of the reviewers mentioned finding it a little too long – which means it would probably be the perfect length for me! I also really like the delicate blossom print, which combines a versatile black background with a spring-like green and white. A v-beck and nipped-in waist strike a nice balance of casual and dressy, and the skirt is floaty, without being too full – I do love my full skirts, but they’re not exactly “casual” either, so this kind of style could be a nice compromise for a spring day!


  • I love your favourite polka dots too. So happy to learn another ‘new’ brand. Hope ASOS carries this brand too.

  • Beautiful, I just wish brands would offer 2 different lengths, 1 above (if they must) and 1 below the knee. My legs don’t allow me to wear short skirts! I am happy with that, just not best pleased with shops that forgot about people like me.
    Reading the comments I might risk it, thanks Amber.

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