Dune Denby Sequin & Gemstone Peep Toe Court Shoes

Dune Denby sequin peep toes


I feel like we should have a moment of silence or something, to allow us all to just gaze at the wonder that is these shoes. In order to facilitate this, here’s a photo of the view you’d get as you looked down at them:

Dune Denby sequin glitter shoes

Stunning, aren’t they? A combination of sequins AND crystals sounds like it should be just too “Dame Edna” for words, but these are the kind of shoes that make me want to give a little, girlie shriek when I see them (Don’t worry, I won’t), and I take that as a very good sign indeed. No, they’re not the most practical shoes ever, but even although you might only wear them once or twice a year, for special events, at least you’ll be able to keep on doing it for years on end without getting tired of them.

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