Shoeper Shopping | June 2014 Wish List

June 2014 Shopping Wish List

I can’t believe it’s been a month already since my last one of these posts: how on earth did that happen?!

A month may have passed, but unfortunately the weather hasn’t gotten any better: sure, we’ve had the odd nice day, but most of the time it’s been more like winter than late spring,  which is why this month’s Wish List focuses heavily on outerwear. This year I promised myself I’d make a better job of dressing for what the weather’s ACTUALLY like, as opposed to what it SHOULD be like for this time of year, and right now it’s coat weather, so…

Zara jackets

01. Zara striped parka, £59.99

I absolutely love this stripey parka, which I reckon I’d get plenty of use out of, considering the amount of rain we get here! I really like the way it looks with an all-white outfit underneath, and am picturing it on a blustery day at the beach, when it would be practical but stylish, with a bit of a nautical feel to it.

02. Zara yellow pique coat, £79.99

This coat has been on my radar for a while now. The 60s-style collar and three-quarter sleeves give it a fabulous, retro feel, but as much as I love the look of that bright yellow, I’m not sure I could pull it off, which is why I’ve yet to succumb. Having said I’d wear the stripe jacket with all-white, I think I’d wear this one with head-to-toe black or navy, just to add to the contrast.

ASOS dresses

03. ASOS white structured skater dress, £35

I’m REALLY trying not to buy too many dresses and skirts at the moment: I have more than enough of them as it is, and with the weather as cold as it is (I’m sorry to keep mentioning the weather, but it has such a big impact on my outfit choices it’s hard to avoid it!) I don’t get nearly enough opportunities to wear them, so, as I mentioned in this post, I’ve been trying to concentrate on building up a capsule of more practical pieces instead, which will be more suited to the climate and my lifestyle. I’m never stuck for a pretty dress or fifties-style skirt, but I do often struggle to put together comfortable, casual, WARM outfits, and it’s my mission this year to make that easier on myself. With all of that said, this little white dress from ASOS might just have snuck into my shopping basket a couple of days ago. I’m a huge fan of the LWD (Little White Dress), and I love the simplicity of this one. It’s a little shorter than I usually wear, so I’m not sure it’ll work out, but it was in low stock in my size, so I figured I may as well order it and find out!

04. ASOS green pencil dress, £38

I have far too many green dresses to be able to justify buying another, but I really like the colour and shape of this one, which I think would look great with tan or black shoes.

spring trousers

05. Boden Statement ankle skimmers, £71

I’ve had my eye on these trousers for a while now, but last week I noticed they’d been moved to the clearance section, which means they probably won’t be around for too much longer. They’re already in low stock in the petite leg length I need, but my budget can’t quite stretch to a £70 pair of trousers right now, so I’m just going to have to hope they do stick around for a while longer!

06. Dorothy Perkins ‘Eden’ capris, £20

These are a little more affordable, and come in a wide range of pretty pastel colours: I’ve picked the baby blue version here, but I’d be happy with any of them! I love the colours and the capri-length legs, which would work well with my retro-inspired style, but I’m put off by the fact that they’re jeggings: I have a feeling they’d be way too tight on the leg for me, otherwise they’d be on their way to me as I write this: I really could be doing with some summery trousers, to keep off that wintry chill that’s still in the air!

As for last months’ wish list… [see it here]

I actually did end up ordering the Boden coat last week, taking advantage of a 20% discount code. It was still quite a big investment for me, but as I said, I’m trying to invest in pieces I know I’ll actually get a lot of use out of, rather than keeping on buying lots more dresses and skirts, and the fact that I’ve wanted this coat for months now is a good sign that it’s worth investing in. I’m really hoping that me ordering a coat will prompt the sun to finally come out of hiding: if it does, I promise I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t get to wear it until Autumn! The ChicWish skirt, meanwhile, was a real disappointment: in real life, some of the colours were so bright they were almost neon (which I hate), and the fabric was rather shiny and cheap-looking. I’ve ordered from ChicWish before, and been happy enough with the quality, so I’m hoping this was just a one-off, but it did put me off adding any more of those skirts to my list!

What’s on your wish list for June?

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  • Too bad about that skirt: I had my eye on some of its sister skirts as well, but if they’re are truly horrible quality, I won’t be ordering any. I just received my first Chicwish order, and I wasn’t very happy about the delivery service (I hadn’t received anything after five weeks, but they were friendly to send me one with express delivery after I sent them a little mail) or the fabric of the skirt I bought or the sizing to be honest. So yes, meh to Chicwish.

    PS: Gorgeous Boden coat though!

    • Yeah, the first order I placed with them took ages to arrive, but the skirt was here much quicker than I expected, so it seems to be a bit hit and miss. I also had my eye on quite a few of these, but I suspect they’ll be the same fabric, so I’m not going to bother now. It’s a shame, because they look so pretty on the website!

  • I love the yellow Zara coat, I remember it from when you blogged about it being worn by one of the members of the Saturdays. It’s such a lovely coat, if I had the money I’d buy it. Too bad the Dorothy Perkins capris are jeggings. Otherwise I would have been tempted to purchase them as well. Oh and I’m sorry to hear about the skirt. It’s so lovely on the photo 🙁

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