Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Livree 100mm

Christian Louboutin Livree 100mm

Christian Louboutin Livree 100mm, £425

I’m going through a bit of a “black” phase at the moment. It’s a colour I generally tend to avoid, both in clothing and in footwear, partly because it CAN be rather dull, and also because, well, it makes me look like the walking dead if I wear it next to my face. Lately, though, I’ve been rediscovering how classic, stylish, and easy to wear black can be too, and I have to say, I’ve been re-learning to love it again.

These shoes are one of Christian Louboutin’s simpler designs (and also one of the lower-priced: not that that makes them anything like “cheap”, of course…) and I love the sideways bow and d’orsay cut. These have a 100mm heel, too, so if you’re not into ankle-breakers, that may appeal to you too!

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