Nine West FastAzYou colourblock peep toes

yellow peep toe shoes with pink heel

green peep toe shoes with yellow heel

Nine West FastAzYou , £80.99

I’ve been really loving Nine West’s Spring/Summer collection this year. It’s not a brand I usually shop from, but I’ve been seriously tempted a few times already this year, and the fact that they actually made me look at a pair of neon yellow shoes with pink heels and not hate them… well, that says it all, really.

Now, I’m not saying I LOVE these shoes, or anything like that. The yellow is just way too bright for my tastes, and after over a year of being constantly exposed to the neon trend, I still haven’t found myself warming to it in the slightest, so I suspect that if it hasn’t happened now, it probably never will. While I wouldn’t wear these personally, however, I do love the shape, and the bright colours really cheered me up this morning: I think someone, somewhere, could probably look absolutely fantastic in them – it’s just not going to be me!

As for the green version, well, I probably wouldn’t buy them either, but nothing says “Springtime” like yellow and green, so I thought I’d show you them too.

I’ve chosen to show you the boldest versions of this shoe, but they also come in two different snake prints, and this lovely white:

white shoes with pink heels

Now THESE I could definitely be persuaded to wear: in fact, they remind me a little of the Guess peep toes I liked so much yesterday. If this is an incoming trend, I think I’m going to like it!

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