New shoes! Paris Hilton’s Valentino bow shoe dupes

Paris Hilton bow shoes

Yes, I bought shoes by Paris Hilton. I know. And honestly, I don’t really know how to feel about this: on the one hand, I really dislike the copying of another design, but on the other hand, it IS a legal copy, and as I will probably never be able to afford the Valentino version, I found myself totally unable to resist them. In other words, my Shoeperpowers failed me. Twice.

The black version of this shoe came first, and was actually tracked down by Shoepermum, who spotted them on sale in TK Maxx for just £17, and called to ask me if I wanted her to grab me a pair. The fact that my mother was able to call me and say, “I found the Paris Hilton bow shoes: you know, the ones that look like Valentinos…” says a lot about how much time she spends on this website. And I guess the fact that she bought a pair for herself, too, says a lot about where I get my taste from. But anyway!

The black version is a size 4, and come up really small: I can wear them, but they’re tight, and will definitely pinch, so I’ve been trying to remember to wear them around the house to try and loosen them up a little.

Having discovered that TK Maxx had this style in stock, I decided I should probably check out the situation for myself, so when I found myself near my local store a few days later, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to take a quick look.

As soon as I walked in, though, I found these:

And a few minutes later, having tried them on, and realised that I couldn’t possibly walk away from them, I found myself walking out with them, too. (Er, I did pay, first, obviously…)

For some reason, these were more expensive than the black pair, at £35.99. I’ll get so much use out of them, though, that I figured they’d be well worth the price, and luckily for me, they had them in 4.5, too, so they’re a better fit than the black version. (Although still on the small size for a 4.5: I definitely recommend trying these on a few sizes if you’re thinking of buying them.)

And that’s how I came to own two pairs of shoes by Paris Hilton. I’m calling them my “until I can afford Valentino” shoes. One day, people, one day…


  • Don’t be so down on Paris….I bought the Guess version a couple weeks ago at US$80 or US$90 bucks so I guess we’ll be rocking the “untils” together!!!! They are really cute and my boyfriend picked them out and think they are just divine

  • I was just wondering: what do you mean a “legal copy”? I definitely like these shoes though 🙂 and the nude pair is just lovely!

    • I think she means that they are not counterfeit Valentino, which would be an illegal copy.. they are just a VERY similar design (legally) manufactured by another company, making them a “legal” copy 😉


    I bought these last summer, also from TK Maxx to wear to a wedding.

    At first I thought that they would stretch too.

    But no. These are what have become known as the KILLER SHOES!

    I’ve tried SOOOO hard to break them in, but every time, they break ME instead.

    They’ve ended up sitting in my cupboard looking pretty, and I can’t bring myself to throw them out…

  • I tried the nude version when I was in the states, but they were half a size smaller so I ended up walking away. They’re so pretty though!!

  • I tried on some paris hilton ones like that black ones in TK Maxx last year, they are beautiful, but just standing in them pinched my feet like anything.

  • They are pretty! I like the nude version. Although I don’t think I could ever bring myself to buy Paris Hilton shoes.

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